Updating & Maintaining your Website

Website Security Care Plan


Security is a big issue today. Every content managed website is under constant attack from hackers. To keep it secure it is necessary keep all the component parts (core code, theme, plugins) up-to-date. Please ask for more details.


Maintenance is an important component to consider when you have a Website. Just as your vehicle needs regular maintenance, so does your Website. The most important thing is that it displays current and up-to-date information, such as names, dates, phone numbers and contact information.

This may also include fine tuning and optimizing your site so that the search engines can find it easily and your site is displayed when someone searches for your product or service.

Your Website might need “freshening up” with a change of colours or some new photographs. Maybe it’s time to change or update some of the content. It’s important when visitors to your site return after a period of time they see that the site looks alive and something is new or different or has been updated.

Maintenance can be done on an hourly basis or on a maintenance contract. Please ask for details.