What have I done?

How Kerrybrook Web Design came about

At the tender age of fifteen I left school and joined a rock band*. After many years of the “good life” and fast approaching middle age (I was 24) I went to work for a large London law firm and started to study law. It was as of a result of this, in 1979, that I eventually came to Toronto, Canada to work for another large law firm.

Cliff Homewood as a musician

During this time I was pursuing one of my passions, photography. After I met my wife, Debbie, in 1981, we both joined the Toronto Camera Club and were active members for many years competing, judging and lecturing. I am still as keen a photographer today, only now I use the tools of digital cameras and Photoshop.

In 1985 Debbie and I formed the Namaste Institute (now Kerrybrook Consulting) and we went on to study and teach meditation and biofeedback and produced a series of guided meditation and music cassettes, which were distributed throughout North America. They have recently been released on CDs.

After ten years we moved to Vancouver Island on the West Coast and started a Waldorf-inspired mail order and supply business which included books, games, toys and all-natural materials for doll and craft making.
cliff homewood

In 1997 we returned to the Toronto area where I then spent the next eight years in the construction business in finance and IT before following my dream of going back into a more creative profession, that of Web design, photography and anything computer related. In 2006 I graduated, with honours, from the Webmaster design programme at Seneca College.

To sum up, my personal life experience includes music, law, photography, business and accounting, interest in metaphysics, Waldorf education, retailing / wholesaling, construction, computers and Web design.

So you can see, I have a varied and chequered past! All the better to serve you with!

* One of the last bands I played with was Raw Material. Flashback Magazine did a feature article on the band a copy of which can be read here RAW MATERIAL Flash-Back Magazine article.

In July 2016 my daughter got married in Bath, UK. Her wedding was recently featured as the Intimate Quintessentially British Wedding in the Ruffledblog.com wedding blog.