Creating your Website

We will guide you through the process of designing your Website with advice and recommendations. Here are some of the main things to consider.

What is the process for building a great website?

Decide on your Website’s content

  • What is the goal of your Website?
  • Do you want your Website to be an online business card containing information on your company, products, services and how to contact you?
  • Do you want to sell your products or services online?
  • If so, do you want to sell direct from your Website to your customers or simply provide information so that the customer contacts you and you take the order
  • If direct, would it be:
    • Off-line with an email order form that you receive and process.
    • Online with shopping cart, PayPal, etc.


  • How many pages does your site need?
  • Categories and subcategories?
  • Layout: How the site will look? We will provide help and advice with this so that the website has the look and feel of your company.
  • Navigation (the menu and buttons to take you to another page)
  • Colours: Do you have company colours that you want to use on your site?
  • Logo: Do you have a logo you want to use?
  • Photographs: How many and who supplies them? (See below)
  • Text: Will you write the text or will you have someone write it for you?


This is the first page your visitors will see. It needs to clearly display what your company does and be easy to navigate (get around the site.)

Contact Page

It should have all the information that you want your visitors to have to contact you. It should include your address and telephone number as this creates a higher level of trust on behalf of your visitor.

About Us page

Details about your company, business or organization, including when and how it was started and by whom.

Products or Services pages

How many pages do you need and what will they contain?


  • Simple PayPal store
  • Links page
  • Guestbook
  • Calendar
  • Mailing list sign up
  • Videos
  • Blog
  • Google Docs embedded in a page
  • Photo gallery
  • Events manager


  • Do you have photographs? Are they good enough for your website?
  • If you don’t, then the options are:
    • Purchase from an online stock photography source for generic photos.
    • Hire a photographer or take them yourself, if you need unique pictures of your products, services or premises etc.